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A n r i   N o z a k a   R a p e l j e
Landscape Architectural Design

ANR Landscape Design, LLC is an innovative landscape design studio located in Edmonds, WA. With a focus on high-end residential projects in the Puget Sound area, ANR provides outstanding landscape architectural design services. Their primary objective is to create captivating "Quality Outdoor Living" spaces that enrich people's everyday lives. ANR approaches each project with attentive care and employs a combination of logical thinking and imaginative design solutions. They collaborate closely with clients to ensure their design goals are achieved in a style that suits their lifestyle and goes beyond.

Shoreline Entry Garden
Portage Bay Outdoor Living
Laurelhurst Backyard Cottage
Issaquah Modern
Gig Harbor Overlook
Shoreline Potager Garden
Woodland Pool Deck
Hunts Point Waterfront
Seattle Urban Back Yard
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